Wednesday, May 28, 2008

brushing off the dust

It's been so long since I've been able to open my guitar case and jam. I seriously have only broken it out of its case twice the entire spring term. I know...LAME!! So, I decided to make a pact with myself while my eyes glazed over at work, to play the guitar for a bit everyday! Like seriously, how am I supposed to be freaking awesome if I never touch it?

So today I played and it was a little disheartening how rusty I was since last semester. But, it's all good, cause I'll be back at it and much better soon. Real soon. Like before my family comes up to play with me in July :)

Death Cab for Cutie + Tegan and Sara Concert

So I definitely went to the Death Cab for Cutie/Tegan and Sara concert for Memorial Day and it was Phe-Nom-enal!!! Seriously the songs are so much more amazing when you hear it straight from the singers!

This was my first concert and it was great! It was amazing that I was so close to the singers and the adrenaline rush was awesome!

Unfortunately, I'm lame and put my camera back in my car because the security people were walking around outside and saying "no cameras, no chairs and no outside foods". I was really confused when I heard them say that because I always see photos taken by my friends at concerts. But of course, being my paranoid and goody-two-shoes self I left my friend Alyssa in line and walked all the way back to my car to put away my camera, because I didn't want it to be taken from me or to have to leave the line later and put it in my car....Then check this...I get to the front of the line where they are supposed to frisk you and make sure you're safe, the lady hardly even looks at my bag and I get ushered in through the gate where I'm asked to present my ticket. Ok, so how lame is that!?! I totally could have sneaked my camera in, like Alyssa suggested because the chic hardly looked at my bag AND when we got to the stage everyone around me had cameras!!!

Yeah, I was a little ticked. But that feeling quickly went away cause I was just so freaking excited to be there! Waiting in line for 2.5 hours til the gates opened was definitely worth it.

My plan is to steal someone else's death cab pictures from facebook, because the pics on my cell phone are hardly worthy to be posted on this blog.

Anyway, after the concert, I got a Tegan and Sara shirt and then I bought a Rogue Wave shirt (the new band that didn't get to play, because of the shortened concert time) and totally chatted with the Rogue Wave manager who pitched the awesome quality of the band shirt and convinced me (although i was already convinced on my own by the design) to buy one. Basically, I can say that "I'm with the Band" when it comes to Rogue Wave.

Well, it's getting late and math's gonna be a killer tomorrow morning. Stupid integrals.

As I conclude this blog, I would just like to quote Tegan and Sara "We're not here to talk. We're here to Rock!"

So I'm gonna rock out to a few songs and then hit the sack. Peace, L♥ve, The Gap.