Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

"Don't laugh like your mama don't feed you!" Classic line delivered by the youngest in our Thanksgiving party - a 7 year old. Ya know, I don't know his precise age but he was about the size of a 7 year old and full of attitude and wit. He definitely kept Josie and I on our toes while we played two-hand touch football in the front yard and Apples to Apples.

I think the best combination from Apples to Apples was:
Green Card - Weird
Red Card Options - Mud, Underwear, and Dating
And as the judge, the 7 yr old chose the most obvious one...
Winning Card - Dating

It's kind of funny how Thanksgiving Day isn't even over and I've already started getting ready for Christmas. Snowflakes for the office, wrapping paper for the doors, Christmas socks for my feet and Christmas music for my personal enjoyment (and because they are easy to sing-a-long too and I don't have to make up my own verses). Happy Holidays.

Lessons of the Day: Michael Jordon is perfect, I'm illegal, a chicken leg comes from a turkey and "hike" must be said in order to throw the nerf football.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Do I dazzle you?"

Twilight is mui bueno. The movie was grand! Albeit there were some silly parts and some bad acting, but it turned out to be more humorous and entertaining than I thought it would be. There were a few critics of the movie before I went in tonight, but I didn't set my expectations to an unreachable height...therefore Twilight = grand. If anyone opposes, so be it. I think if you go and watch it without ever reading the books you're going to be missing out on a lot, because if you've read the books everything in the movie has so much more meaning than the mere actions. All the actors were well chosen, except I never thought Eric would be Asian. That threw me off, but as for everyone else they were perfect for their parts.

Pre-Twilight fun included t-shirt making with my roommates! Aubrey and I were Team Jacob and Leya was Team Edward. True fans.

One disappointment: I really wanted to hear Robert Pattison's accent and so I was a little perplexed at his American accent. But there were a few parts in the movie where his British drawl slipped out :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Freedom Writers

Please add this movie to my list of movies to own: Freedom Writers.
What I love about this movie is that it is so real! The characters in the movie remind me of friends and kids I knew back home and grew up with and went to school with. I just couldn't get over the intensity the this story possessed and the actors played their roles perfectly. It was amazing all the emotions I went through while watching this movie. That probably sounded weird, but really most of the movies I've watched in this semester stick to one main track of feelings - humor or sappy chick flip. This movie was absolutely invigorating in mind and body and woke me up. I want to make a Toast to Change. Over this Thanksgiving Break I am going to be a different person. The girl from the beginning of the semester is going to be reborn, with a new attitude and a new passion for life. I know I'm deep, just call me "ma".

This week is just racking up the good movies, and in the next 8 hours I will be in the movie theater watching Twilight and swooning over the chiseled chin and amber eyes of the beloved vampire Edward Cullen. Yes, sappy chick flick, but I just can't resist. P.S. watched the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer at work today. FABULOUS! I'm going to the midnight showing! I mean I have to, it's tradition.

Lesson of the Day: The statues at school are wrapped up with saran wrap NOT because they are made of metal and could possibly rust nor for warmth from the cold. They are wrapped up to be protected from potential damage due to the BYU vs. UTAH rivalry that is apparently going on this week due to that oh so big event happening this weekend...what was it again? :) It's something that involves a little leather ball, huge men in blue uniforms, and my cousin Harvey Unga.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

silent guardian - DARK KNIGHT!

Oh my goodness, I really don't understand how I managed to go so long without seeing Dark Knight. Seriously A-MA-Zing! My FHE brothers had the brilliant idea of watching it tonight as part of an extended fhe activity. Genius. I just want to watch it again and again. Well, now that it's in the dollar theater I guess I can :) Sweet.

This week is a week for good movies. I watched Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice Sunday evening instead of writing my paper. Tonight I watched Dark Knight instead of writing my paper. And then I will watch Twilight with my roommates and by that time the paper will have been written and turned in. Now to start editing....

Lesson of the Day: Being over enthusiastic with a customer at work gives them license to mock you. And then of course it opens the door for you to mock them in sassy retaliation.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

class assignment - blog

So, I was sitting in the closet today at work designing a brochure, when I found out that my fellow employee was taking a Book of Mormon class where her only assignments are to read and blog. Blog! I know, it's the coolest thing ever! I wish that was my homework assignment... Where was this class when I was a freshman?

Lesson of the Day: Eat sunflower seeds during your economics class so everyone can stare at you and you'll feel so self conscious that you'll stay awake and not doze off during the lecture about the aggregate demand curve shock.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Over Due

Hello Blogville,

I've decided that it has been too long since my last post and that life without blogging is pointless. I mean seriously, there's been a void and it's been revealed to me that I must blog in order to fill it. The title for this blog depicts more than just my lack of blog posts, but also pertains to my lack of studying attempts for economics, political science, family finance and statistics as well as my realization that my class schedule was not appropriately planned. Typical.

Let's we can observe from my last post I decided to take some time away from my studies. Looks like I applied that philosophy a little too generously and the rest of my fall semester has been me playing catch up. Lame. Hence, my studying attempts at each of the above classes is long over due, my realization that I don't want to major in business, much less apply to the program is long over due (since I am now stuck in the classes - which I shall just convert to a business minor) and the realization that I should have taken personal finance instead of family finance.

Well, I guess I can look at all of the above as sunk costs because my expectations for the future contain a new class schedule and a beautiful outlook. Therefore, the costs of this semester will not effect my future costs and no longer matter. Yay! Look at me, I've used some vocabulary words. Woot.

Lesson of the Day: Use random spouts of vocabulary from your classes in everyday language and people think you are way smart. Just be careful of doing this too well, because others might bombard you with questions and ask you for help. Eww.

Quick side note which should have been posted yesterday.....

Below is the textual conversation between my family, namely my brother and two of my sisters, and I about a particular individual who shall not be named, because I have a reputation to maintain as the "nice" girl and if she found out that I was talking about her I'm sure our agreeable relationship --which consists of sitting next to each other in the one class we share and each of us exuding fake laughs at the other's odd sense of humor (or lack thereof) that neither of us care about--would be terminated and I would have to endure her high school attitude through the rest of my stay at the Y. Also, I've decided to include pictures of my siblings so that you can see their expressions in your mind as you read their responses (Marie at piano with JohnJohn and Josie doing some genie-somethin pose and me with glasses and meditating). Let us proceed*

Nina (Mass Text to JohnJohn, Josie, and Marie): Omg this is going to make me a horrid person, but I have to say this. This girl is singing at the top of her lungs one of my favoritest songs and she's horrible. She is totally ruining it and I wish she would just shut up! Like it is literally hurting my ears. Literally.
Josie: Hahaha you should create a blog.
Nina: I already have one I just haven't been on in a while. And I can't because if she read my blog she would freak!
Josie: So change her name to "this girl".
Nina: Ok.

JohnJohn to Nina: Oh.........fight back. I know there's a banshee in u.

Marie to Nina: Hahahaha then listen to your laptop or something
Nina: I can't. I can still hear her. Agh my ears hurt. You know how people cringe when they hear finger nails scratching the chalk board? Yeah it's kind of like that.
Marie: Haha you fight back yet?

*Please note that this conversation is not typed verbatum, because none of my family keeps my texts stored in their phone for dire purposes such as now. Rude.