Friday, August 31, 2012

Once a Lion, Always a Lion

Wow, it's been ages since I've last posted. Hmmm..since March I have lived in the anatomy lab, sequenced grasshopper DNA, learned to play some tunes on the ukulele, lost my car, eaten a foil dinner, cut my hair, biked at critical mass, found my car, moved back to Austin, cut my hair again, went to a hockey game, traded my pants for skirts to become a missionary, learned Hungarian, moved to the great land of Hungary, rode on a train, ate kaposzta, taught english class, cut my hair again, saw castles, flew back to Austin, got engaged, married my best friend, became a Richards, had a tea party, transferred schools, and became a...lion. Hmm... De Leon > Richards > Lion... Well, once a Lion, Always a Lion.

So yeah. :) This week was the first week of school. I traded in my BYU blue and gold for some....oh wait, blue and gold. Heh, looks like I can keep the clothes in my wardrobe after all. So, I think I pretty much upgraded from the BYU cougar to the A&M-Commerce (note the commerce, because we're different) Lion. Lions are intense. 

We've had some interesting assignments from my art teachers. My painting teacher told us to bring in 20 images next week so we can gather ideas for our painting projects. He said to just bring in images of things that capture our eye and well, after sitting in the library for two hours pouring over Anthropology I took a break, walked over to the shelf and grabbed a random book, flipped open the pages and found this beauty: 
Ok, I know what you're all thinking, "Oh my gosh, seriously? Nina, those are gross!" But let's be real, blood cells are sooo cool looking. And these are healthy. I have recently started a photography class, so hopefully my pictures will look better than this one. In real life they were really quite lovely. Just tilt your head to the left and you'll see what I mean.