Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Lions

I'm so glad my family got to come up and visit this summer. It was so much fun having the whole gang together again. Even Terriana managed to make it up in the middle of the week. I'm glad they at least got to come up because I won't be going home until Christmas time.

Some of the things we did while they were here was attend the Stadium of Fire, eat at Mimi's Cafe, chill at Barnes N' Noble, visit relatives, watch Wall-E, hang out with the Gallups, walk to the parade, shop at the 4th of July booths and eat lunch on campus.

Seriously, my family is the best. Sure, we are far from perfect, but I wouldn't trade any member for anything. I like that we are all different and that we share a lot of the same interests as well. The best times together are when we are just chilling out at home and telling stories or cracking jokes. Family prayers were always a riot. I'm not to sure if we got through any without laughing. Don't worry no one was offending God, he was laughing too. Oh and what's also great about my family is that we make random videos and concoct our own songs. A lot of it is improv and then the rest, well what else are we supposed to do with all that free time on Sundays?

Anyway, we are probably the oddest family ever and that's why I love them. Below are just a few reasons of why I love being a De Leon.

Mom: Josie, we have to bless the food.
Josie: It's already blessed. We're in Utah!

Terri: I like boys with trucks!
Josie: Morris has a truck!

Dad: Mom keeps giving me that look: "Where are my kisses?"
JohnJohn: Ashley gave me that look at Soar.

More Memorable De Leon Moments....

Josie: Look it's a rat!
Terri: No, it's Gus Gus!!!!!! Nina: Careful, JohnJohn might eat him for his survival camp.

JohnJohn: Dad always says stuff that I already know.

Terri: Wait, just listen.
JohnJohn: Let me guess...a boy was checking you out.