Thursday, April 9, 2009

where's my left shoe?

it is 1:30 in the morning and my roommate and i are still awake on a homework hyperdrive. i decided to take a break from the books and set out my clothes for school when i realized something was missing. i went to my shoe rack to pull out my all*stars when it hit me, i was missing a lot of shoes. in fact, i was missing every single left shoe that i possessed. i believe it was a sort of retaliation for something i might have done in the past few weeks to a number of different parties, which is understandable since april fools day was only last week. i did some detective work and have eliminated one of my possible antagonistic groups. albeit this said group could be alluding me to a new group to avoid any further suspicions about them, but you can't really tell much about tones or body language via text messages. alas, i am to wear my mocassins tomorrow in the potential rain, which works out only because it looks good with my outfit and is actually my preference of collegiate footwear, but also works against me because they're cloth and will soak up moisture real fast. oh well. this situation that i have found myself in causes me to throw my head back in laughter at the absurdity of it all. oh how i love collegiate life. come what may and l♥ve it.

so, if you happen to know where my left shoes are i would like them back, please...maybe with some cookies and milk too. oh and i also want to congratulate you on your prank. it was genius...maybe because i came up with it. blast kharma. :)