Monday, October 19, 2009

Half Way Home

This week marks the halfway point in the Fall semester and since I am not fortunate to attend a school that supports a "Fall Break" I have created my own. This past weekend was the annual Texas Party and the lovely ingrid michaelson concert - two of my favorite things to remind me of what I love about life: my family, my friends and good music. Seriously, I've been working like crazy and since the semester has started I've been balancing school, crutches, work, prescribed drugs, mission papers, doctors appointments, and a church calling. My one mega fun thing was this saturday and I think it was time very well spent :) Can I just say that when I saw Ingrid come on stage I was in shock and I had to tell myself, "this is not a youtube video!"

Anyway, in approximately two months from this week I anticipate taking my last final and being on the road to the lovely rolling hills of home. I can make it through the next 8 weeks with Ingrid in my iPod and Salt Lick BarBQ sauce with every meal. I'm half way home :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

God is Love

I love, because God loved me first.

There is a perfect explanation of God's love for us in 1 John 4:16-19. People always ask me why I'm so happy all the time and this scripture defines it. I am happy because God loves me and he loves all of us and his love for all of his children, all of us, is manifest everyday. For me his love is present in the beautiful fall foliage, in the smile of a friend, in the helpful hand of a passerby, in the scriptures, in my family, in music and in art. I think if you go around and look for ways God shows his love for you, you'll be amazed at how aware he is of your needs and how much he loves you. Try it :)