Saturday, June 7, 2008

Picture Scavenger Hunt!!!

Last night I went on a double date! It was so much fun and my roommates helped plan it out. My roommate and I doubled with two guys from our fhe group. We were assigned tasks as part of a scavenger hunt and had to take pictures for each task. I had a lot of fun and the pictures were awesome. We went around Provo, south of the BYU campus, on foot and got to know our dates a little bit more. We began the date with pizza and ended with ice cream.

It's ironic that we all chided Michelle for spilling on herself and I totally ended up spilling ice cream on my shirt too. What goes around comes around eh? Anyway, the night ended well and we had some girl talk with the roomies afterwards to assess everything. I'd say it was a Friday night well spent.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

jurassic park in the canyons

Back home we always watched movies on the projector inside the house or outside on the lawn. It's the coolest thing ever, and Provo just got cool points yesterday because I watched Jurassic Park in the canyons with a group from my ward! It was projected onto a sheet and brought back lots of good memories.

It was fun hanging out with my rooms. We also got to meet more people in our ward and that was nice, cause I still feel like the new kid. Also, my roommates and I had fun being goofy and taking lots of pictures. Sometimes, I care to much about being and looking mature when I'm around older people, but last night I didn't care. I let myself loose and didn't worry about what everyone thought about me. I've been so caught up with that lately, that it felt awesome to just relax and be myself. I haven't had so much fun in a while :)

I must say, life is so much more enjoyable when you can be yourself. That's definitely a "DUH" factor, but sometimes I forget that. And, what made the night even better was that I got to wear my awesome Tegan and Sara shirt. Rock on!