Saturday, December 13, 2008

Piano Man - Jon Schmidt

Amazing concert! Whenever I watch people who are uber talented, whether it's a volleyball game, a concert, or just about anything I get this odd inspiration to do everything possible to be like them. I am in total awe of their talent and I want some of it. So after absorbing the beautiful music and jovial atmosphere of the Jon Schmidt concert I wish I played the piano and at least took it more seriously when I was a kid. Oh well, the Jon Schmidts of the world need an audience and I'm all ears.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

84606 Hollywood Gossip - Flashy Gnashers!

Hallway chats have become the norm in 110 and the topic of discussion for tonight was "Before and AFter". Take a look at Disney stars Hillary Duff and Ashley Tisdale. Too much time in front of the camera and in magazines gives them reason to over-analyze their features and "improve" their look. For Hillary the cute lizzie mcguire smile was not making the cut and so naturally if you want to be big in Hollywood you've got to go BIG. She therefore upgraded to enlarge her teeth via porcelain veneers and a breast augmentation, rightfully earning her the nickname "horse teeth".

Next we have Ashley. Being the biggest snob in high school musical must have taken an toll on her mind. They've conditioned her to think, act and behave like a snob so why not look like one. Snobs in our culture have been portrayed as people that have their nose in the air...well now Ashley's nose is permanently up-turned that she won't have to try and stick it in the air.

The decisions of these actresses has greatly influenced my roommate and I so much that we've decided it's time for a transformation.
Leya: Breast augmentations via toilet paper stuffed in el bra
Corina: Black shimmery clutch with long green dress

We're "soooo Hollywood."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Peck on the Cheek - Mani Ratnam

I watched this Indian film today and I was very curious about the symbolism of rain. It happened at the end of the movie when the mother was reunited with her daughter (sorry to spoil it) and I was thoroughly confused as to why the director chose the thunderous rain as the background noise of this scene. There were various other instances in the movie that confused me as far as the reasoning behind certain camera shots or character expressions. The characters and their body language and expressions threw me off a lot and I kept misinterpreting what they were doing. Anyway, I decided to google the rain thing and found that rain is a symbol of romance. That confused me more and so I looked up the definition of romance, because this scene wasn't portraying what I thought of as a "romance". But dear Merriam-Webster has failed me and I am still left with this insatiable feeling. If anyone has insight on this matter (rain symbolism in movies) please let me know. It's killing me.