Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


My life is semi-over. I have a thousand things I need to get done and when I think it's going well another problem pops up and I want to just crumple to the ground and cry. I knew this monday was going to be awful with all the unfinished business of Friday evening after work and I was right. What I didn't anticipate were the prolonged computer problems - no access to the G drive to work on all things Teacher Fair and a malfunctioning outlook email account. Crap. Yeah, it was practically the last straw when I arrived at work at 8:30 am to get some stuff done, only to find out that everything related to technology is falling apart and I'm helpless. Well, I pulled myself out of my functional fixed-ness mode and attempted to deal with it and solve the problem. I went through my to-do list in my brain again and had probably 7 things open at once, some relating to school and other items relating to work and I was on hold with the Office of Information Technology.
Seriously, I still have my greek history exam to take by Wednesday and an accounting exam to take by tomorrow before 2pm and at work I've still got all this Teacher Fair stuff to oversee, delegate tasks, correspond with recruiters from a ba-gillion school districts, contact all education majors with email reminders, check on all they layouts, make sure the foods together, confirm the refunds, and a whole lot of stuff and my supervisor won't be here because she'll be away in Salt Lake City at the U of U teacher fair...which is not cool because I have to play detective and figure things out and a lot of things have to be run by her. KILL ME. Oh and to top everything off...people kept asking me how the teacher fair was going. I mean hello, it's going and i'm busy so don't ask me stupid questions because I don't even have time to talk. I've already expressed my feelings to some other co-workers and it was an entertaining conversation.
There you have it. I'm going to die by Wednesday and then life will go on and my grades will semi-plumet so i'll just have to live in the library for the rest of my life and say no to steamed milk, no to movies on the big screen, no to random card games, no to soccer at Kiwanis, no to ping pong on tuesdays and no to dance parties. :( sad day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

grey's anatomy

"Sister time" means it's time to go shopping, eat charly's subs and lounge around on the couch watching the tv series of our choice. Some of our top choices for viewing pleasures are #1 Grey's Anatomy, #2 Ugly Betty and #3 Gossip Girl. This weekend was help-nina-catch-up-on-grey's-and-completely-distract-her-from-the-greek-history-paper. It worked. I'm not sure who else finds grey's anatomy as interesting as my sisters and I...but that doesn't matter. The humor in grey's is hilarious and others may beg to differ, preferring humor like "the office" or "scrubs". I'll watch The Office because it is pretty funny, but I'm not a fan of Scrubs. Scrubs is the unfunny and stupid version of grey's anatomy. It's the pseudo-intense hospital show where all the unfortunate people hook up and the patients have boring diseases/accidents. Grey's is legit. I mean hello, it's so awesome it made me think I wanted to be in a science related major again...hah. I think I'll stick to my European Studies and observe art pieces and then watch Grey's but not have to deal with all the math or organic chemistry. :)

My Favorite Grey's Quote for the week:
Christina Yang to Meredith and George: Please tell me you've seen a right leg! A cleanly severed right leg!
Meredith Grey to George: How weird is this job.
Christina: How is one bloody hairy leg going to destroy my career?!