Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today starts and end with daylight. This morning Jeff and I woke up early to catch the first rays of daylight so I could take some cool pictures for my photography class. It was awesome. There really is something special about that golden hour. Then the usual Thursday things happened - drive to school, keep an eye open for cops in the brush, speed a little, cruise a little, pass the slow Ford, stare at the pretty blue sky, make up equations and number tricks from the road signs, drop Jeff off at work, listen to First Aid Kit, drive myself the rest of the way to school, squint my eyes to see the other cars on Live Oaks Street, park, walk with too many things in my arms, sit in class, art a lot, walk back to car, pick up Jeff, get excited because it's almost Friday, go home, eat dinner, party at the laundromat, etc etc etc. oh and sketch a little and work on the blog a little. Now the day is coming to a close and I'm jammin' to Matt and Kim's Daylight. Not bad for a Thursday.

Here's a fun sneak peek into what may or may not be posted for my project. This was a fun picture I took this morning. Gotta love self-timer:

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