Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ghettocaching [get-oh-kash-ing]
the outdoor sport or game of searching for ghettos by driving slowly through dark and poorly lit areas of town or using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates posted on the Internet if you're unfamiliar with the area

In my photography class we've been talking about our first project - the self-portrait. We have to submit five finished images and ever since we got the assignment my noggin has been going crazy. I've been brainstorming and doodling in my Hello Kitty idea notebook and one of the things that I realized I desperately needed in my life was some good graffiti. I have seen beautiful works of art and ultra cool stuff in the ghettos and downtown areas of LA, Austin, and Hungary and while all of this is fabulous,  it does not help me with my project. If I wasn't a muggle I would simply apparate to the XXI District in Budapest and take my self portrait there, but since I don't have those kinds of skills we had to do something else. My sweet husband and I decided we needed to participate in a little ghettocaching. Since moving to Rockwall I haven't seen anything super ghetto or any graffiti, but we were determined to use Jeff's tracting senses he'd acquired from the mission to find something; anything. And that something was found on Industrial Blvd:
These taggers are nice and sweet. They decided to wish everyone a Happy Halloween a month early and even added a jack-o-lantern face on the first letter. We were on the verge of loosing hope for our small and perfectly clean town, and then we found this stuff. There were a couple of other ones and those will be pictured below. I was pleased that we found something in our little town, but I think we can find something better and without railroad tracks. We like ghettocaching so much we're gonna head up to Dallas and check out some stuff by real taggers manana. If you'd like to play along, grab a camera, bring some water and ghettocache in your local area :) Don't forget to post your pictures so we can see them!

*Please imagine the accents on any and all of my foreign words. Most of them will be spanish or hungarian.

**Please also note that on yesterday's post I meant to say "Angel Moroni" and not "Captain Moroni". I just don't know how to edit on this blog thingy and don't want to risk deleting anything... ~*BoMproblems and RMproblems*~

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