Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What rhymes with 24?

Happy birthday to me! I have now been on this blessed earth for a grand total of 24 years. Not bad, eh? Looking back over the past 2.4 decades I think I've accomplished a lot. I've ridden a jet ski, owned a cat, sang in the choir, painted a watercolor picture, built a snowman, hiked the Y mountain, canoed down Lake Austin, made a pizza, changed a car tire, read a book... etc, etc, etc. And today to cap things off, I came home to my husband and a delicious Hungarian chocolate cake. He made it in the microwave (he's a skilled man) and also bought me the coveted Hungarian birthday troll that comes with your favorite flavored Martinelli :) We've named the troll Lila. Shout out to the Westsik family!

Boldog Szuli Napot Magamnak! Huszonnegy eves vagyok :)

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