Saturday, September 1, 2012

I think I'm Turning Japanese

Happy three day weekend everyone! We celebrated the festivities with an Asian food night. Jeff and I like to try new foods and different foods, so dining in the Orient was the theme this weekend. We ate delicious Lo Mein noodles and egg rolls. For dessert I introduced Jeff to the fabulous Pocky Sticks. I ate these all the time when I was a kid and loved savoring the chocolate flavor by eating them exactly one stick at a time. It was fun to celebrate together and he enjoyed them. We also had Coke Zero because that's totally Asian too. Right?  ^_^
We also celebrated with a trip to the Dallas Temple. We have a monthly temple date and this was a great start to a new month ^_^ (Today I have to use the asian smiley face in honor of Asian food night).  This sweet old lady took the picture for us and then I tried to get a good shot of the temple. Those spires are so gigantic. Can you see Captain Moroni on the top?

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