Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Taco Tuesday

Celebrating life with loved ones is such a fulfilling thing. We have holidays that come and go and birthdays that only occur annually, but every week we celebrate Tuesdays. Why Tuesday? Well Tuesday just needed something special. We all know that The Bangles made a song about Monday, ya know where they sing "It's just another manic Monday". Then there's Wednesday, the hard one for foreigners and little children to pronounce. Everyone knows that Wednesday is Hump day since it's the hump in the middle of the week. Thursday is the day that means you're closer to Friday. And Friday means it's time to party and they have that acronym TGIF. Saturday is your special sleep-in day and Sunday is the Sabbath. That leaves us back where we started - Why Tuesday? We know that Tuesday is the second day of the working week and that alone makes it better than Monday, but only by a small margin. But really, the actual answer is that Tuesdays are for tacos! The alliteration in Taco Tuesday is perfect and everyone needs a little Mexican food in their lives.

We like to frequent this place: 

Also, if you're ever teaching the alphabet to somebody please be sure to remember what "T" really stands for :) I heart this shirt. 

Happy Taco Tuesday! 

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